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Our goal is to create a model for an integrated medical society to make a difference in society and act as a reference for our medical standards and the project will include.

1 – British University of Medical Sciences (Faculty of Medicine – Nursing College – British Institute of Clinical Excellence).

2 – Teaching Hospital 200 beds.

3 – Hospital for people with special needs (Autism and mental disability)

  1. Village for the elderly.

5 – residential complex for families and faculty members and nursing.

Project goals

First: To develop the medical education curriculum through obtaining a license to establish a branch of Imperial Medical College in Birmingham, which qualifies the doctor to obtain an internationally recognized certificate and encourages him to continue his path of scientific research and graduate studies as well as applying the latest European standards in clinical quality and medical care.
Second: The establishment of a branch of nursing college from one of the remarkable English universities Sheffield university, which aims to increase the quality standards of education and qualify the graduate to register for European studies and certificates without the need for tests of the equation.

In addition to the efficiency and excellence in the medical service provided to the Egyptian patient, which will be reflected positively on the success rates of different treatment and the speed of evacuation of hospital accommodation.

Third: The establishment of the British National Egyptian Institute for Clinical Excellence (BE NICE), which aims to monitor the issuance of everything new in the world and international health organizations of the standards and protocols for prevention, treatment, follow-up, monitoring, etc.

The project will be established in cooperation with the following authorities

1- St George Healthcare Group


3- Birmingham University

4- Imperial College London

5- Sheffield University

6- BDP Architects.